Friday, September 6

Led by industry leaders and experts, general sessions round out the Annual Convention. To date confirmed speakers include these top-shelf authorities.


Kevin King, MBA, Ph.D. (abd)

Opening Keynote Kevin King is a certified Birkman Method® consultant and management consultant with more than 30 years’ experience facilitating teams in defining solutions to business challenges, developing leaders, leading teams, improving organizational performance, implementing business solutions, and managing strategic organizational change.

The Founder and CEO of Transformation Point has extensive experience with and for ‘Big 4’ consulting firms delivering strategic engagements and driving transformational change. His industry experience includes, local, state and federal government, health care, communications and manufacturing. He has a successful track record in business and education and specializes in managing complex strategic and transformational change initiatives.

He’s the author of THINK! Change Your Story, Change Your Life, which focuses on achieving sustainable personal growth.

Kevin works with clients all over the world. He has completed all coursework toward a Doctorate in Human Communication Studies at the University of Denver. He holds an MBA in Management Information Systems from Oklahoma City University, and a BS in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University.

Peyton Manning.png

Peyton Manning

Closing Keynote Peyton Manning will draw parallels between the industry that formed the backbone of his career and the auto industry.

A legendary quarterback, he is the NFL’s only five-time Most Valuable Player and a 14-time Pro Bowl selection. He entered the NFL in 1998 with the Indianapolis Colts as the first overall draft pick. He lead the Denver Broncos to a 24-10 win in Super Bowl 50, making him the first starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.

A native of New Orleans, he went to the University of Tennessee and claimed 43 records and graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors. He and his wife, Ashley, established the PeyBack foundation in 1999 which has provided more than $13 million to at-risk youth through grants and programs.


Alison Felix, Ph.D

Alison Felix will give an overview and outlook for the national and regional economy, with specific indicators for Colorado and the U.S.

She is the vice president and Denver Branch executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. She recruits and works closely with the Branch’s board of directors and is responsible for briefing the Kansas City Fed’s president on economic and business activity in the Denver region's states. Her research focuses on public finance and labor issues, with an emphasis on tax policy, state and local government finance and the economics of education.

She holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Kansas State University.

Vice President, Denver Branch Executive and Economist

Vice President, Denver Branch Executive and Economist

Automotive Research and Advisory Services

Automotive Research and Advisory Services

Glenn Mercer

Glenn A Mercer will share his perspective on ‘The Dealership of tomorrow: 2025: 2019 Update.”

He has more than three decades of experience in automotive advisory work and is an independent consultant working in the automotive industry across its value chain. He currently is the sole proprietor of his own consulting service, has 20 years experience at McKinsey & Company and has been involved in dozens of due diligence processes over the years.

Before his automotive career, he worked at both the CIA and British Petroleum. He received an MBA with Honors from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in 1981, an MA in Soviet Area Studies from Yale University in 1979, and an AB in Russian Studies magna cum laude from Dartmouth College in 1977. His current mid-life crisis car is a red 1996 NSX.


Judson Laipply

Our Gala Entertainer Judson Laipply is the world’s first YouTube Celebrity. A video of his finale “The Evolution of Dance” was the first ever to reach 100 million views and was the most-watched video for just under four years. He’s been speaking and performing for 19 years full time and has impacted thousands of audiences with his combination of comedy and content, energy and education, entertainment and engagement.

He has a Master’s in Education and has been seen on The Today Show, GMA, Ellen, Tosh.O, America’s Got Talent, Oprah and more. He lives in the Cleveland area with his wife and their champagne collection. He’s an avid sports fan, Ironman Triathlete, and a reformed Kool-Aid eater.

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ross shafer

Ross Shafer, CPAE, has the most peculiar background of any speaker on change. He’s authored nine business books, yet won international stand up comedy competitions. He’s earned six TV Emmys as a network talk and game show host, yet credits his success to reselling bicycles at age 13. 

Shafer has been obsessed with understanding who succeeds, who fails and why since childhood. Once he discovered there were specific blueprints for success in every job and in every industry, that understanding led him to noteworthy achievements in business, TV broadcasting, book writing, professional speaking and even stand up comedy. 

Today, Shafer coaches leaders and teams on how to cross pollinate innovative ideas about emerging trends, shifting buying habits and the motivation of workforces during mergers and acquisitions. Be ready to take insightful notes — and laugh your butt off at the same time.